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Carolina Mechanical Cleanroom Tables
1. Stainless Steel Construction - type 304 or 316L
2. Stainless steel underneath bracing, no zinc plated carbon steel components as typically seen in the majority of tables commonly purchased
3. Heavy Duty Construction
4. All Stainless Steel Swivel Casters with Poly Wheel
5. Options with Drawers - provide removable stainless drawer to allow for cleaning
6. Options with Drawers- Stainless steel drawer slides and handles, no zinc steel plated hardware
7.. Tig welded construction with all non-welded joints silicone caulked, frame is not bolted on with aluminum casings as seen in the majority of tables commonly purchased
8. Units can have seated access options
Part Numbers (Please call for Pricing)
CRT-stainless type-#shelves-width x length in inches
304 Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel
CRT-304-1S-2448 CRT-316-1S-2448
crt-3 crt-2
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